Testimonial 4

Hi Dr. Morris:

I just picked up your email. Thank you for the extensive information and at no charge. (HaHa). Dr. Morris, I have always been an advocate of HRT and low and behold they ripped that out of my medicine cabinet. I felt energized an clear headed and it was given to me for bone issues as I went through menopause early at 42 years old. Life seemed to especially tank at that point. I have Glucosamine in the medicine cabinet giving the cabinet strong bones and not me. I believe it is time to start on the Glucosamine as well.

I know you are probably amazed at the low dose of T-3 however as I said I am not one who tolerates medicine really well and I will take it slow with the increase. Something I don’t understand is why they increased the T-4 along with adding T-3. If they are trying to suppress the pituitary gland from pumping out the TSH hormone why increase it when the T-3 is trying to reduce the level. Oh, questions, I just wonder about the mainstream medical profession. Sorry, take no offense to that statement it is not directed at you. I know where you are coming from with respect to your medical expertise and you are fighting an uphill battle against mainstream medicine. I wish you luck with that. You know your industry wields ultimate power. I know this T-3 is quite amazing. I really know it. Why the secret in the medical profession regarding this drug? I am sure I know the answer and it is a rhetorical question. You can certainly use my email without my cousin’s name if you like. I hope this is confirmation enough to let people know that this is truly a miracle medicine, at least in my case.

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