Testimonial 3

Hi Dr. Morris:

You don’t hear from me in a month and now you can’t get rid of me. I read your site completely tonight as I was able to take a few minutes out of my evening after dinner. Interesting how the established patient care when I was a child completely went out the window with the now accepted practices of the original HMO’s. I would continually say to my daughter how easy medical care was back in the early sixties when I was a child. I walked down the end of my block to the corner doctor’s office in Philadelphia, the city of row homes, the best built homes in the country. Solid as a rock. I was able to get my child’s wooden office chair after my doctor’s family passed away. The new owner’s tossed out the little antique chair I used to sit on as a child. I grabbed that up in an instant. Along with tuning forks, stethoscope, medicine and medicine bottles from the twenties. I accidentally brought home in a trash bag a square canister of Dilaudid. Got two huge spider bites going through the treasures that were discarded. Patient medical records, old love letters, an eye chart that still had a patent pending mark on it. B & D needles, glass syringes it was a treasure trove. I sold most on ebay and trashed the Dilaudid as I think it was about 30 years old and it scared me half to death that I had that in my possession. Anyway, I digress, my long lost childhood. I understand exactly what you said about the patient care of today. The care has become sterile and unacceptable. These are the great strides we made in medicine? You are to be commended for your maverick style medical practice. Really, it is old style, compassionate medical care. Oh, what a novel idea.

I got to thinking regarding the Cytomel and the dosage and I believe that the severe weight loss of my body no longer requiring nutrients to sustain it was the reason I tolerate the low dosage. I am 5’8″ tall and weighed in at 122 pounds at the end of March. I am 126 pounds now. Pretty amazing, huh? I am still perplexed why the mainstream medical profession will not let this cat out of the bag. I know why and you know why. But I just have to say it. How many medical professionals, diet corporations are you going to put out of business?? You really have the guts that most physicians do not have. I truly believe in your treatment plan. I know that you are aware that you are up against a huge wall to hurdle against the money oriented medical society. You are exactly what they do not want. You are interfering in Big Pharma regarding statin drugs, blood pressure drugs, the all questionable disease fibromyalgia which we know is really not a disease in and of itself but a response to a disease process and CFS is in that same category. Funny when my thyroid crashed that I was diagnosed with both but could not tolerate the T-4 medication as my body went into some kind of bizarre overdrive. Never did understand that but I do now. I was always interested in medicine and medications when my mother became ill with a pituitary tumor in 1980. I did a lot of research regarding this from researching corticosteroids to multiple endocrine neoplasia. I had a fascination with medicine but ended up selling machine tools. Go figure. I asked this current endo what happened in 1988 that I could not tolerate T-4, no answer. I even recanted that to his nurse as she was drawing the cortisol challenge test that he did not answer me. Yes, I am a pistol, people either love me or dislike me as I am not the traditional woman. I question everything. I know I saved my mother’s life while severely ill and watched the mistakes made by doctors. I called them on the carpet for failure to effectively express to my mother how to read a chart to determine her peripheral vision loss. The nurse looked at me as though I had six heads and was frightened of me for pointing this out. After the doctor was finished he turned to me and apologized. I was 19 years old at the time and he was about 65. The nurses face at this point was bright red.

If we do not fight for what is right in this lifetime what good are we and what will we leave as our legacy. I admire your uphill battle. Don’t give up the ship. I am not sure where you originally lived in CAL. My sister lived in Humboldt County about a year and a half ago for just a short while. You know, the green triangle. I heard it was lovely there. My sister was a fish out of water however, her old hippy days I suppose were gone forever and she just did not fit in with the people any longer and she has a severe fear of winding roads. Guess this was not the place to move to for her. My sister turned 63 today. She is the healthy one of the three of us. My middle sister is in very bad shape. She is almost crippled. I just wanted to chat off the record about your plight and how I admire what you are trying to accomplish. It is a noble cause. Have faith, you are on to something bigger than what some very powerful organizations want you to be on to. Don’t give up I intend to read about this famous Doctor in San Bernardino one day. We both know what this medication is capable of. I learned first hand. You have guided people to it. This fell in my lap quite unexpectedly. This endo is close to your age as well. Obviously, both from the same school of thought. I will keep you posted. Keep up the great work. Obesity is a dreadful disease. I know the opposite, anorexia caused from myxedema. Neither are pretty and both are deadly. Keep up your life’s passion. It is all very amazing.


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