Testimonial 1

Dr. Morris:

Very seldom do I run across an article or miracle cure on the internet but here goes. I live outside of Philadelphia and have been ill since I was 30 however I fought through the misery of life while being an executive from Long Island, NY. I was the type A, successful executive. At thirty I knew I had hypothyroidism, and was not believed until the level reached a point that was coined “Off the Wall.” I do not believe in 1988 that any doctor wanted to reveal just what my level was but I know it was horrific and I believe I was in the throes of Myxedema. After the start of Synthroid at 100 mcg immediately I had a variety of peculiar symptoms. I could not seem to tolerate the T4. At 41 I changed life and my life spiraled down hill. Unrelenting fatigue bordering on feeling like I could literally not sustain my life anymore. I was passing out but unlike most hypothyroid people I kept loosing weight. I am now 54 and spent the last 10 years disabled with DDD, Sjogrens Syndrome, nod ules in multiple organs. Just barely hanging on. Exactly one week to the day I was placed on T-3 by an endocrinologist * in Schuylkill County, PA. More or less a backward area medically. I had spent years with different Endo’s from Hospital of University of Penna to other renowned Endo’s. Everyone stated, “You know your problems are not always your thyroid.” OK, I figured I knew my business and they knew theirs. I went on a search for over 10 years spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to figure out what was wrong with me. I have been on some nasty drugs and I still am. Steroids, Plaquenil, Klonopin. I took the first dose of T-3 last Monday. This drug is my MIRACLE! I know longer feel like I have dementia, I am eating again, the weight loss has stopped, I am cooking again, I am cleaning again. The state of California is lucky to have you. I could never fully explain my plight in an email as my life for years felt like it was over. If another doctor told me I was sufferi ng from depression I knew I could no longer be civil tongued with this professional and I was not. Why, was this malady able to ruin a successful life, put me in bed, and at 54 I will be starting all over again. Why does the medical profession go strictly on lab numbers. My labs showed a decreased T3 without any care just and increase in Synthroid or Levothyroxine. My nodules are in the lungs, kidney and liver. They are very small but I am concerned. I read that T3 is not converted by the thyroid but by these specific organs. Correct me if I am wrong. How after one dose was I able to function again after years of Doctors looking at me like I was malingering? This was why I gave up a high powered career? For something as innocuous as insufficient T3? Thank you for your knowledge and listening to your patients. How many doctors will treat you without a lab to support the diagnosis? Not many. Time to pick up the pieces of a broken life. Thank you for your knowledge. Your patien ts are incredibly lucky.

Sincerely yours,

*Ralph H Starkey, MD
100 N Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822-9800
570 271-6028

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