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My name is Michael Morris, MD. I graduated from Cornell University Medical College in 1970. I  have been practicing medicine for 42 years, mostly in emergency and general practice.

A while back while researching fibromyalgia I found a concept I had not seen before, namely the inability to convert the storage form of thyroid hormone T4 (brand name Synthroid) to it’s active form T3 (brand name Cytomel).  Since T3 controls the metabolism of everything in the body, anyone not able to make T3 from inactive T4 is going to have a very under-active, slow metabolism, and will be seriously overweight (“Public Health Enemy #1”) and unable to lose weight, no matter how much dedicated diet and exercise.

Well, it was a DUUHH for me; just treat the patient with T3 then.  I didn’t know at the time that this DUUHH had never occurred to anyone before.  I have not been able to find any other doctors who help patients lose weight with only T3.  T4 with a little bit of T3 has been tried a lot without any dramatic success, and makes no sense to me if T4 can’t work.  There is little of any value in the medical literature either.  For this reason, very close observation is necessary during the early stages of treatment, as there are no guidelines to follow, we are sailing uncharted waters.  Lab tests are not only not helpful, sometimes they are the opposite of helpful.  I just do as they taught me in medical school, watch and listen to my patient.  And the T3 works like magic.  My problem is keeping people from losing weight too fast.

There is one other effect that was not expected.  T3 CURES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE INSTANTLY!  The books and experts all say that T3 raises blood pressure.  The fact that this is quite incorrect is somewhat earth-shaking to classic medical thinking.  It sure surprised me, as I was watching very closely, expecting high blood pressure to go even higher.  That blood pressure went down to normal was a nice kind of problem to have.  All high blood pressure medications and diuretics (water pills) must be stopped with the start of T3 treatment or blood pressure drops too low.  Even people with normal blood pressure have a blood pressure drop to lower normal values.

T3 also cures chronic fatigue and (most) fibromyalgia pain immediately.  And dermatitis pigmentosa.  And alopecia (hair loss).  And brain fog.  And poor sleep.  Most people being treated with T3 also report less appetite and tendency to snack.  I could go on, but I won’t, although I can’t resist adding curing my neighbor’s stuttering.  Go figure.

Whether or not this will work for any given person is determined by trying it and seeing what happens.  I call this diagnosis by response to therapeutic trial, but “try it and see” is less of a mouthful with more obvious meaning I guess.  If T3 doesn’t have any significant effect (typical daily dose = 200-400 mcg), inability to convert T4 into T3 probably is not the problem, and implies an ordinary (T4 sensitive) under-active thyroid that can be conventionally treated with T4.

A word about the word obesity.  I hate it (and I’m skinny) because it carries a prejudice that implies laziness and a lack of will power which is almost always untrue with overweight people, especially those who can’t use T4 normal thyroid hormone.  Overweight, okay.  Obesity, not ok.  I doubt too many people reading this disagree.

Professional fee is $200 per month. Initial evaluation is an additional $100 at the first visit. Medication without insurance costs $200 – $300 per month during active (higher dose) phase.
I am the entire staff. Very nice office. We will start a brief course of medication and watch for the response. If it works as well as usual, we will then proceed to adjust dosage to get a weekly weight loss that is not too fast. Weekly visits are required while finding and stabilizing the right dose for you. When on chronic low dose maintenance after attaining weight loss goal, I MUST eyeball your eyeballs at least every three months.

Payment by cash, check, Visa, M/C. Receipt with insurance info available if needed.

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